How a Dynamic Website Can help your business to grow?

How a Dynamic Website Can help your business to grow?

After the World Wide Web went live in the world on 6th August 1991, businesses soon began to realize the fact that it could be of great importance and use to them. The Internet helped businesses promote their work and sell their products or services all over the world. Soon they started developing static website pages or websites to capitalize on this opportunity to have a global audience at their fingertips.

Static web pages are created using hypertext mark-up language or HTML code and consist of exactly fixed web pages with content. Each page is coded with HTML and will display the same information to every user who visits the site.

The content displayed in many pages of such a website is located in the coding of the respective page. Ultimately these static pages helped businesses create transparency and connectivity between them and their customers. Also a fixed cost has low running costs making it cheap and affordable for many small businesses as well.

But unlike the 90s, in today’s world the technology that revolves around the Internet has become very advanced and developed. This has prompted businesses to change their approach to the World Wide Web as well.

There has been a huge increase in the competition among different business enterprises too. Customers have also become educated and much more aware about the whole scenario regarding an online business. They now know that businesses must provide them with fast and efficient services and at the same time clear all their doubts regarding it too.

This is the reason why many business Web sites have a little question and answer option with them. To provide their customers with desired experiences businesses need to have a higher level of production with enhanced performance levels than before and at the same time with lowered expenses and a higher income.
In order to achieve these goals many online businesses have realised that need to go beyond a static website and instead create a dynamic website which is much more advanced and provides better results and performances than before.

With help of Dynamic Websites entrepreneurs would find that there has been improvements in different sections like engagement with customers, communication and customer experience along with management of content and Search Engine optimisation or SEO. All of this would eventually lead to the overall success and growth of the business.

What is basically a Dynamic website?

  • A dynamic website simply is a website that displays different types of content each time a user views it. This display of information depends on several factors like location of the user, time of the day, language settings or even the viewer demographics or the target audience who visit the page on a daily basis. The information in such a website changes as per the interests or preferences of the user. The website even tracks the time for which a certain user is visiting a specific page and what exactly they click in such a page.
  • All this gathered information helps the website to provide each and every user a different, unique and enhanced experience based on their choices. This eventually leads the customers to visit these pages more often and thus improving the engagement level between them and the business.

Advantages of getting a dynamic website from

  • Better client engagement : A dynamic website provides personalized experience to each and every user based on their native language, pages they visit and spend more time on, location and more. This enhanced customer experience leads them to visit the site more often and engage with the business.
  • Automated tasks : Tasks like sending notifications regarding their deals or offers get much easier with help of a dynamic website. They save all the time and effort that the business would have to waste for doing these tasks themselves.

Dynamic Web Design cannot be just done with only HTML and CSS or Cascading style sheets. It also requires mixes of other programming codes and languages. Due to its advanced features and functions a dynamic website needs a better server for managing all its dynamic data and traffic.

CEO Piyush Gupta


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