How To Drive Traffic To Your Website

How To Drive Traffic To Your Website

Oh, now that I know that, I’m ready to calmly elaborate on how to increase traffic to your new website.

Always keep in mind that in the mid-zero, traffic was the only major metric people used to determine the success of their website.

Google advertising

How To Drive Traffic To Your Website

Google is trying to do the same in advertising, except for the fact that it spoofed AF with its search engine.

Google Search Ads and Google Display Network are the two most common online advertising methods.

The first directly targets Google SERPs, while the second breaks the limit and can be applied to almost any webpage.

Another thing is that the first focuses only on the text while the second focuses on the view (banners etc.).

So why should you go for google advertising?

  • Google ads are faster than SEO
  • You can run multiple campaigns simultaneously
  • Everything is measurable
  • You have full control over budgeting
  • Effective targeting (where the ad will be seen, by whom etc.)

Facebook ads

How To Drive Traffic To Your Website

Although I will be getting deeper on how to use social media to drive traffic to your new site, I will only include sm advertising in this section.

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So why go for facebook ads:

  • Enhanced & Niche targeting options
  • A step ahead of many competitors
  • Exquisite insights
  • A/B testing features

Twitter ads

How To Drive Traffic To Your Website

Twitter is very similar to the mindset behind using Facebook ads, but since we’re going to go over ways to drive maximum traffic to your new site, I had to make a special mention here.

Why you should go for Twitter Ads without any delay:

  • No text limitation in pictures (contrary to facebook)
  • Target specific keywords and hashtags
  • Exclusive features like photo cards in your ads
  • Set new follower goals and get charged only for new followers

Email Advertising

This will be a bit more complicated than the others but just as effective. Actually, I was one of those people who thought that email marketing was dead.

But trust me when I say it isn’t.

Email marketing has been a savior when solving issues with traffic, revenue etc. with many of our clients.

So let’s see some steps on how to go about creating a successful email advertising plan?

Find Guest blogging opportunities

Google Search: There are specific keywords you can use on Google Search to find certain websites that accept guest bloggers.

What you really do here is target your area of interest with a keyword (like content marketing) + a few keywords I’ll provide to get you started.

The formula is as follows: Your Keyword + One of the following phrases

  • Guest post
  • Guest post by
  • Accepting guest post
  • Guest post opportunities
  • Guest Blogger
  • Become a guest blogger
  • Guest blogging opportunities
  • Become a guest writer
  • Contributing writer
How To Drive Traffic To Your Website
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