How to use website navigation to the maximum benefit?

How to use website navigation to the maximum benefit?

The best way to improve the experience of the site is to build exceptional navigation. When you do that, you will also be automatically improving the performance of Search Engine Optimisation. Good web navigation ensures that your visitors effortlessly find what they are looking for and makes it easy for search engines to crawl as well. It results in more conversion and higher search visibility. But how do you built awesome navigation for your business website? Following are some tips here that can help you in many ways.

Tips To Use Website Navigation For Your Business

Following are some web navigation tips and best practices you can follow for small business and start using them today. These will help you increase traffic, increase sales and conversions, and increase engagement.

Have A Well-Planned Strategy

One must have a plan when they are creating a website. Before you jump in, make sure that you find out the features and pages that are needed for your website and plan the hierarchy. Features include the home page, about us, review section, blog section, FAQs and so on are all important for the business website. While at it, you should also find out that these pages are the most important for the customers. Creating a sitemap will make things more easy and transparent for you.

Your sitemap should also include a list of all these essential website pages and sub-categories contained within them. This should also point out the most important pages and the less important pages.

Unique Design And Consistent Primary Navigation

Focus on designing primary navigation that is not unique but is consistent across the website. The consistent design helps to allow users to navigate the site faster. Navigation becomes easy and straightforward when users don’t need to learn new functions when visiting new pages or sections. When you visit a well-designed website, you can easily identify the main menu as it is usually located at the top of the page in the middle or aligned to the right or left of the page. You can see the main menu in its uniqueness or in contrast to everything else on the pages.

Focus On The Responsive Navigation

Not having a responsive website will land your business in big trouble. When you create a Responsive Design, your business site will look great on any device. And a part of the responsive design practice includes creating a compact navigation style that can be achieved by creating the hamburger menu.
This menu is the right answer to improve the website navigation on the smartphone without using too much space. It can be nearly positioned in the top right or left-hand corner. The example below is of the Bad assembly’s hamburger menu design. Their functional design stands out and appears carefully designed. Moreover, the navigation is consistent with their visual approach. When you click the stacked icon, the hidden menu is displayed on the screen. This is one of the best things that people choose to do these days to enhance their website.

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