Top 15 Startup Marketing Agencies: 2022 Edition

Top 15 Startup Marketing Agencies: 2022 Edition

Hiring a startup marketing agency, growth hacking agency or digital marketing agency is an important step and venture for any company, irrespective of its size. This process can be quite stressful – especially for startups. Accordingly, it is not rare for startup founders to not yet have a clear vision of their marketing needs. Estimating a marketing budget is not an easy task.

Why are those questions important?

You need a variety of digital and growth hacking services depending on the stage you are in at the moment.

You need to clearly set your business goals and find a marketing partner who is a good fit for you.

So, here are the top startup marketing agencies of 2022 that we have selected based on 4 criteria:

  • holistic creativity
  • Marketing campaign setting up process
  • Collaborate with their customers and brands
  • Case studies and sharing of their knowledge (blogs, webinars, community events)


Top 15 Startup Marketing Agencies: 2022 Edition

Growthrocks is a growth hacking marketing agency that helps startups and well-established companies achieve rapid and sustainable growth. It is headquartered in London with partners worldwide ranging from India and Finland to the US and Greece.

Their services are expertly geared towards early stage startups and can boost user acquisition and early traction with growth hacking techniques. With a growth hacking blog full of tips, how-to guides and business development concepts, Growthrocks is a great place to find some guidance for your startup.

One of the top startup marketing agencies, Growthrocks has built several academies over the years. Performance Marketing Academy, Content Marketing Academy and Growth Hacking Academy are some of them.


Top 15 Startup Marketing Agencies: 2022 Edition

P3 Media focuses on eCommerce solutions. This alone explains why P3 Media is a Shopify Plus partner. Consumer Packaged Goods, Fashion, Food & Beverage, Startup Marketing Agency experience covers many different eCommerce categories. Whether you’re looking for a completely outsourced team or la carte services, P3 Media offers both. In addition to marketing, email, CRM and web design, P3Media also offers highly creative services: photography, video and 3D animations can be part of your campaigns or properties. Strategy making is also a core service of P3Media

Enventys Partners

Top 15 Startup Marketing Agencies: 2022 Edition

Enventys Partners cares about one thing: your product. From product development, crowdfunding and eCommerce marketing, a startup marketing agency will do everything necessary to make it happen. Do you have an idea for a product but still haven’t made your first move? Enventys Partners will help you design it, build it, launch it and get it in front of the right customers. Over the past 15 years, Enventys Partners has raised over $175 million for clients through crowdfunding. In addition, the agency has worked with over 600 businesses. It has been involved in the development, prototyping, launching and marketing of over 1,300 products. The agency has offices in the US as well as in Taichung in central Taiwan.


Top 15 Startup Marketing Agencies: 2022 Edition

Every day we appear to create, engage, influence, and create things.” The agency works with startups as well as large companies and brands. Regardless, LaunchSquad has the DNA of startups because they are flexible, fast, and deliver high-quality results at a fast pace In addition, the numerous case studies, testimonials, and practical results of working with companies such as Coursera and iHeart Radio highlight the high quality of this agency’s services. In addition to having a large roster of clients to display, LaunchSquad was recently named one of PRweek’s Best Places to Work and one of Inc.’s 5,000 Fastest Growing Privately Held Companies in Past Years was.

Odysseus Arms

Top 15 Startup Marketing Agencies: 2022 Edition

A San Francisco based agency with a charming character and amazing clients to show for. With the motto “Someone has your market share, let’s go out and get it,” this agency gets the vision of a startup. Odysseus Arms uses freelance creatives and experts to build a great team for any of its projects. As a tech-oriented firm, Odysseus Arms has partnered with some of the biggest tech companies such as Facebook, Kodak, and Microsoft. The agency has several impressive case studies to show like the Asana rebranding or the historic OUYA Kickstarter campaign, which raised $8.5 million (nearly nine times their goal of $950,000). Plus, there’s a case study about how gaming platform OUYA turned to O-Arms to fuel conversations about its product among hardcore gamers.


Top 15 Startup Marketing Agencies: 2022 Edition

Wallaroo Media is a social advertising and digital marketing agency based in Provo, Utah. They can help clients from their launch to their full scale, as their services include development, design, and marketing. His motto? “Our goal is simple: build our business”.

Wallaroo connects members of its team with members of its clients so that they can work together. Since 2012, Wallaroo has gathered innovative and brilliant minds from myriad fields of study to produce the work your business needs. Having worked with brands such as Gatorade, Disney and the NBA, the startup marketing agency has a wealth of experience managing projects, developing brands and bringing results.

Inbound Labs

Top 15 Startup Marketing Agencies: 2022 Edition

Inbound Labs is all about building a product and making it a success story to market. Having partnered with some of the best companies, nonprofits, startups and incubators in the world, Inbound Labs has built on experience in growing businesses. The agency covers a wide range of digital marketing needs. In this way, it creates high converting web sites and landing pages as well as website integration.

Creative Agency Secrets

Top 15 Startup Marketing Agencies: 2022 Edition

Headquartered in New Zealand, creative agency Secrets works with local and international brands. Using a variety of marketing tactics, all of which aim to grow the business, the firm “unlocks marketing success for you using robust, proven techniques that only a wealth of experience can provide”.

Apart from providing their specialist services as an agency, they also have training programs. These programs are tailored for your startup and include in-depth courses on marketing and business development. In other words, you can choose whether you want to get a coaching session from an expert or get the work done by the expert himself. Last but not least, Creative Agency Secrets excels in B2B marketing. and content marketing in the form of podcasts.


Top 15 Startup Marketing Agencies: 2022 Edition

Kexino is a French team of marketing, creative and business development experts. Their goal is to help start-ups and small businesses create better, more relevant marketing strategies and tactics. As they say, they are not a normal marketing agency. What they do best is offering a range of integrated marketing services as they believe that is what companies need today, according to the firm.

BAMF Media

Top 15 Startup Marketing Agencies: 2022 Edition

BAMF Media is a full-stack growth hacking agency. It is an influential accelerator for founders and executives to build their personal brands. BAMF Media is one of the most sought after development agencies in Los Angeles. It is also known for its ‘LinkedIn Bible’, a collection of LinkedIn best practices, tips and frameworks for growing your LinkedIn account and building your personal brand.

Abz Creative Partners

Top 15 Startup Marketing Agencies: 2022 Edition

Abz Creative Partners detests the term “seller” and sees themselves as more like partners. They take pride in their creative efforts and they emphasize data-driven results. Their mission is to help brands realize their potential, grow their customer business and solve their communication challenges – all within their budget.


Top 15 Startup Marketing Agencies: 2022 Edition

Do you want to grow in the B2B industry? It is one of those startup marketing agencies that have a lot of expertise in SaaS marketing and lead generation as well as B2B marketing. SeeResponse is a full-service B2B marketing agency with offices in the US, UK and India. Some of their services include Marketing Automation and Demand Generation, Sales Operations and CRM Support, as well as UI/UX Design and Development. Also, see response


Top 15 Startup Marketing Agencies: 2022 Edition

According to this startup marketing agency: “In business, a rainmaker is someone who brings in new business and wins new accounts almost by magic, as it is often not readily apparent how this new business activity occurs. ” Rainmaker is a small team of data-driven marketers. They have offices in New York and London. However, their clients are spread across the globe – from Sydney to San Francisco.

Write 2 Market

Top 15 Startup Marketing Agencies: 2022 Edition

Established in 2006, 2Market Brands write itself as “Technical Public Relations Firm”. It should come as no surprise that public relations and content marketing are at the heart of this startup marketing agency. Reaching a national audience through conference speaking is another strong point of the firm. With a large database of B2B and tech-speaking ops, it has the potential to provide its clients with access to a number of high-profile conferences.

In addition, the agency has created its own methodology, called ‘Triple-A Industry Leadership Methodology®’. According to this method, the three A’s stand for Access, Awareness and Reward. These pillars will help you share your story on recognized media, attract the top people in your industry and, ultimately, generate more leads.

The Modern Agency

Top 15 Startup Marketing Agencies: 2022 Edition

Modern Agency is one of the latest startup marketing agencies. Established in 2017, the self-proclaimed ‘creative agency for the modern age’ provides its branding and marketing services to start-ups that want to grow. The firm places great emphasis on design and aesthetics. Its team is made up of not only marketers and developers, but also photographers, improvisers and illustrators.

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