UI / UX design and which option is better: the importance of a freelancer

UI / UX design and which option is better: the importance of a freelancer

If you want to build a mobile or web application and move forward with its successful launch, it is necessary to take into account a wide range of aspects in a broad sense and make them look like the prism of the business and certainly the users Have to see from We all fully understand that the success of an application depends on its functionality and it can be used for them. And indeed the functionality aspect seems important and has always been regarded as a priority, while the design mostly takes a back seat. Also, when talking about UX / UI design, it is less noticeable from the technical side of the question.

An application can have a great functionality with an extensive set of beneficial features, but this is offset by the low-quality UI / UX design, and you will lose your potential user with a high probability. And even if you fix an error and improve the design, it is unlikely to attract this user back initially due to a poor user experience.

First impression makes a difference

So what should we keep in mind to avoid failure? If the UI / UX design of a web or mobile application leaves much to be desired, the probability that the user first appears on the app is negligible because it cannot be changed beforehand. So, if you want to keep your potential user’s attention for a while and stop the application before it’s time, then it is necessary to come up with UI / UX with all seriousness.

UI and UX Design. How does it matter?
Well, let’s take a closer look at both these assumptions. First, it should be pointed out that they should be considered separately, as they are completely different. But at the same time both elements have fundamental importance for the final product and cannot exist without each other.

Lets start with UX design (user experience). This notion involves the process of user problem detection and further resolution, so as to increase its satisfaction and better interaction between the user and the application. Improvements in usability, ease of use, and user satisfaction with engagement with the application determine the level of quality of the product as well as its relevance.

And what about UI design (user interface)? Often UI design is combined with graphic design, which is certainly not true. The UI is a complex structure that transfers product development from layout to an engaging and understandable experience for users. The UI is an art that focuses on various elements of the product interface that make it attractive, such as color, button style, graphic, animation, widgets and many more. The main responsibility of the UI designer is the visual user’s perception of the final product.

The importance of UI / UX design is obvious. Should I choose a company or a freelancer to work on it?
From day to day we face the need for a choice. Sometimes it is simple and we are able to make decisions immediately, sometimes we are stuck and need time to think. It is necessary to keep all aspects in mind to inform that there will be no negative decision. So let’s try to understand all the pros and cons, and which option is more preferable: to hire a company or a freelancer to work out the application UI / UX design.

Hiring a company for UI / UX design: pros and cons
Points in favor of making UI / UX a company burden:

Extended skill set
A company typically has employees with a wide variety of skills that can be applied to your project. The great advantage is that all elements of your application will be accepted collectively, so this is a better chance of achieving the highest quality project in result.

Apply better equipment
By definition, a company has a broad budget to invest in the technologies required for the development of UI / UX, so it is inexpensive to use the best tools. Therefore it ensures the quality of your final product.

Experienced team
A company providing UI / UX design services assembles a team of experienced professionals. And even though your project will be handled by a young professional, there will always be supervisor monitoring the work process

High level of trust
A company, which has been a market player for a long time, established itself as a team of professionals, which implemented many projects. You can easily surf the Internet to check reviews, and to make decisions based on which is a distinct advantage.

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